Asrai - Aquatic Fairies of English Folklore

The Asrai in The Diabolus Chronicles are based on the creature of the same name that can be found in Celtic and British mythology.
They are traditionally female, freshwater fairies who do their utmost to avoid humans. But in my story, they are adorable little orbs of water that side with the boys and try to help out wherever they can (well, Silas mostly, but don't tell Pitch that).
Cute and sweet as they may be, the asrai will get Silas into a tonne of trouble in the follow up book, The Herlequin, when their adorability distracts him just long enough for all hell to break loose, and see daemon and ankou are seperated. 

'Pitch’s toe met a lurking rock, and he toppled towards the stream.
The water rose up to meet him, and he braced for a drenching, turning his head to avoid a mouthful of, no doubt, icy water. But the water truly had risen up to meet him. Great orbs of liquid, like translucent clouds gathered around him, settling in beneath his extended arms, lining up along his sides.
Righting him. Bracing him.
Lifting him off his godsdamned feet.
Pitch struggled, managing to swipe the cane at a bubble that pressed against his lower leg. The huge droplet burst, releasing a spray of water that soaked his trouser leg.
‘Do not fear the asrai. We will not harm you.’ The words warbled around him.
Pitch was drawn out over the stream, which seemed to flow faster now, its gully fuller.
‘Fine. Then set me down,’ he demanded.
‘We cannot. We must take you to the ankou.’ '
Excerpt from The Greensward - Pitch & Sickle Book Four.


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