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Ending Altered - Dystopian Novella (Ebook)

Ending Altered - Dystopian Novella (Ebook)

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Who wants to live forever?

Euan has spent most of his life running from the Altered, hunted for the prize that runs in his veins. 

After humanity unlocks secrets they should have left well enough alone, Euan's life becomes a nightmare. He's forgotten what it feels like to be unafraid. 

Euan and his kind are at the heart of a war over death itself.

But as the days pass quietly at the isolated Settlement, he dares to believe that perhaps this time they are safe from their enemies. 

He dreams instead about summoning up the courage to do more than steal glances at Kye, the charasmatic and beautiful young man who brings pleasure to those in the Settlement who seek it.

Euan dreams of a life worth living. 

But hope is a dangerous thing in this broken world. Almost as dangerous as life itself. 

A dystopian short-read set in a broken world with a craving for death. (13 742 words.)

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