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ExtraOrdinary Trilogy Books 1-3 (Ebook Bundle)

ExtraOrdinary Trilogy Books 1-3 (Ebook Bundle)

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EBOOK BUNDLE - Complete Trilogy

Contains- ExtraOrdinary, ExtraLimital and ExtraImperial.

Some secrets can destroy entire worlds.

When Ryder Carlsson enters the supposedly haunted halls of Clarendon House she is not prepared for the discovery she makes.

Olessia is a girl like no one else on Earth. Definitely not a ghost. Definitely not human.
Powerful and dangerous, she is on the run, determined to escape the incredible fate that awaits her.

But Olessia's enemies are coming for her. Prepared to tear Ryder's world apart to claim their prize.
As chaos engulfs them, Ryder and her friends fight to stay one step ahead of the terrifying creatures and ruthless hunters sent to destroy Olessia.

And as a war between worlds threatens, Ryder must face a new, shocking truth.

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