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Metal Angels - Part Four (Ebook)

Metal Angels - Part Four (Ebook)

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The epic finale to the Metal Angels serial.

Tamas Cressly has served his mistress well. He's found what the ancient Sumerian goddess, Ereshkigal has been hunting for. And now, he can deliver Her the key She needs to imprison Her war-mongering sister here on Earth.

Soon, the goddess of war will walk among us.

Unless Kira Beckworth and her metal angel can find a way to screw up a diety's divine plans for death and destruction. It's a huge call for a girl whose biggest problem 'til now, had been choosing a champagne to get wasted on. But when the gods make their battle brutally personal, Kira knows one thing for absolute certain.

They will pay.

**Language and sexual content warning. It's hot in this kitchen.
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