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Metal Angels - Part Two (Ebook)

Metal Angels - Part Two (Ebook)

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The Metal Angels (The Facility Files) serial continues... 

Kira Beckworth didn't sign up for this.

She's been attacked by zombie waitresses, eyeballed by a lizard in the back of a witch's crappy Datsun, and shared a psychedelic trip with an android who has a fetish for sparkly things.

This is definitely not how she saw the week panning out.

When Kira agreed to help her brainiac sister, Blake, smuggle Azrael out of the Facility, she had no clue what a mess it would land her in.

Now, Kira is on the run with the unsettlingly beautiful-and kinda stupid-android. Blake is desperate to keep her pet project out of the hands of the Syrana: the aliens who call the lower levels of the Facility, home.

But why? 

And why does the answer to that question feel like it's going to land Kira in some serious, end-of-days level crap? 

**Language and sexual content warning - It's toasty in this kitchen. Be warned.**METAL ANGELS (The Facility Files) is a FOUR PART SERIAL. These are not stand-alone books.

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