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PREORDER - The Death Wish - Pitch & Sickle Book Eight (Ebook)

PREORDER - The Death Wish - Pitch & Sickle Book Eight (Ebook)

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PREORDER! Released late 2024.

The Final Instalment in The Diabolus Chronicles is coming......

Silas Mercer and Tobias Astaroth have faced untold difficulties, survived horrific attacks and known heart-breaking loss on their way to where the Watcher King awaits.
Yet through it all their bond has only deepened, and their surprising connection is now all but unbreakable.
They have learned to trust each other, rely on each other, and, against all odds, love.

Now, the Blood Lake is closer than it's ever been before.
This is what they have fought for.
This is what has driven them through trials and tribulations beyond their wildest imaginings.
To rid the human world of the curse of the Blight. To destroy Samyaza's lost halo.

The simurgh is one last journey away from Seraphiel's Sanctuary.
Pitch & Sickle's quest is almost at its end.

But will a High Angel's Cultivation be enough to right an ancient wrong?
Or will the Blood Lake demand more sacrifice?

(**Author Note**-Please note this is a PREORDER. Due for release late 2024. Title may change, and cover is Temp design only, cover reveal to come!)

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