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The Facility Files Complete - Books 1-4 (Ebook Bundle)

The Facility Files Complete - Books 1-4 (Ebook Bundle)

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EBOOK BUNDLE - The Facility Files.

This bundle includes ALL books in the serial. (Parts 1-4.) 

The Facility holds dark, alien secrets.

And the deadliest is about to break free.

The Facility is a high-security compound in the middle of b*tt-f*ck nowhere. It's filled to the brim with dangerous technologies and high-risk assets. For sisters Kira and Blake Beckworth its the place they call home.

When Kira is duped into baby-sitting one of the Facility's volatile, ultra-classified projects, she becomes the unwitting spark that ignites a chain of catastrophic events.

The project has the face of an angel. His name is Azrael.

But what is he exactly? Human? Android? Or something else entirely?

And why is her sister so desperate to smuggle him out of the Facility?

The truth of Azrael, and the enemies who seek to destroy him, will finally reveal the Facility's most deadly secret of all.

We are not alone. 

Metal Angels (The Facility Files) is fast-paced science fantasy with lots of sex, swearing and violence. Buckle Up.

**Language Warning** - if you don't like copious amounts of swearing, then perhaps this one isn't for you. Kira knows all the words and likes to use them. She enjoys it almost as much as sex. So be warned, sexual content contained in this serial! (Not graphic or erotica)

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