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The Simurgh - Pitch & Sickle - Book Seven (Ebook)

The Simurgh - Pitch & Sickle - Book Seven (Ebook)

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The Diabolus Chronicles' penultimate book.

Find the daemon. Bring down the angels. Never give up hope.

Silas and Pitch have been torn apart by the nefarious Morrigan and their maleficium.
Traiterous angels have revealed themselves, and monsters from the past have reemerged.
Time is running out for a daemon held prisoner by those plotting to overthrow the Lord of Arcadia.
A desperate hunt is underway to find Pitch before the angel behind the deadly attack in Sherwood Forest does more than loosen a daemonic tongue.
The existence of the halo is a secret no more. Nor are those who will go to any length to wield its power.
But the Order are keeping Silas on an infuriatingly tight leash. They want him to remain safe in their secure York compound, while the search for Pitch spreads across the British Isles.
Safe is the very last thing Silas wishes to be, while his prince is in the hands of their enemy.
Silas promised Pitch he would never abandon him, never turn his back on all that it meant to love Tobias Astaroth.
Every moment that passes feels like a betrayal of that promise.

When the Order make a shocking decision that renders him more prisoner than Pale Horseman, Silas is tested like never before.
Finding Pitch will push the deadman to his very limits, forcing him to face a truth he's long fought to conceal.

And who will Silas find when he at last reunites with his stolen love?
The daemon he lost in Sherwood Forest, or a tormented soul beyond saving?

Content Advice - Violence, blood and gore, torture. Reference to prevous incident of sexual assault.

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